Prioritising a Solution

  1. Click on a created „Solution and select „Prioritisation“ in the tab.

  2. Evaluate each solution using the numbers 0–3 as described by the instructions.

    0 – Cosmetic improvement
    1 – Makes a frequent task more comfortable
    2 – Helps with a secondary task
    3 – Helps with a primary task

    0 – Very low support for the product outcome or free feature
    1 – Low support for the product outcome, or thousands per year
    2 – Medium support for the product outcome, or hundreds of thousands per year
    3 – Very high support for the product outcome, or millions per year

    0 – Unknown tech
    1 – Very hard to make, or new tech
    2 – Will take a while or needs some research
    3 – Easy to make, or best practices already exist

  3. A Solution’s total amount of points will help you when making decisions, however, a team can decide on a Solution that doesn’t have the highest number of points if they have good reasons for doing so.

If you’re working as a team to solve a problem or project, it’s important to set the Solution’s priorities. By using the voting method of Desirability, Viability, and Feasibility, you can select a Solution that not only meets the customer’s needs but also brings financial gain to the company and can be realistically implemented.

Focus on understanding the problem, not on the solution

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