UserUP helps product teams to create
useful, high-quality products

UserUP is a product management and user research application based on the Product Discovery method. By connecting a product management app and a research tool, you get data to create useful and high-quality products.

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UserUP is based on the Product Discovery method. Read more

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We have released an Open Beta version of our app. Now everybody can sing up and try out our Product discovery tool.

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We help you with the following

UserUP focuses on the two most important parts of the product discovery process - product management and research. By conducting your research, you will always know how to reach your goals, find new opportunities and prioritize your solutions.


UserUP is designed for your discovery team

UserUP helps you synchronize UX designers, technical leads, and product owners on every project to achieve your business goals.

Product owner

  • Setting and managing  the product discovery backlog
  • Creating Opportunity and Solution space
  • Communicating the progress within the product team

UX designer

  • Contributes to Opportunity and Solution space
  • Stays connected with users insights and product outcome
  • Gathers all information for creating new features in one place

UX researcher

  • Conducts the research from recruitment to analysis
  • Gives an overview of all research requests
  • Connects insights and findings to product opportunities

Tech lead

  • Gives an estimate of a technical feasibility
  • Creates new solutions with the team members
  • Gives an overview about planned features for product development

Product Discovery's Two Pillars of Success

Structure your discovery pathway

We firmly believe that the product discovery process represents an excellent organizational structure for your team to maximize progress while simultaneously streamlining your workflow.

UserUP is designed to assist you in making connections from your research into product opportunities. Directly linking your user research to your backlog will help your team always connect your results to decisions made during the design process.

Using user research evidence to drive your design process ensures that new features, updates, and products are based on the users’ interests.


Research redefined

The first step on the path to great products is to know your end-user. UserUP is dedicated to helping you follow the path from initial user research all the way to a successful product launch.

We at UserUP believe that every product can be improved by including two key elements in the design process; user interviews and usability testing.

We provide you with a detailed research repository to store and organize all previous and ongoing research efforts. We also provide specific assistance to conduct interviews and usability testing, with plans to add support for additional research methods in the future.

Based on the principles of product discovery, UserUP's work management tool puts the power in your hands to take your products to the next level.

If you would like to know more about Product discovery, you can visit this page.

Pioneering The Product Discovery Journey

Set a path to your goal

Whenever you set out on a new journey, it's critical to know where you're heading. We assist you in setting up product goals from the start to find the best path forward for your team and your company.


Once you've started pioneering your product path, a great place to start is incorporating your users' needs and wants into the equation.

New opportunities

Nothing exists in a vacuum. We help you connect research insights to your goals and find new opportunities for future products and features that might not be immediately visible.

New solutions

Each bend in the path that represents many potential product opportunities and solutions. Brainstorming solutions and deciding with your team which path is best for your product journey will lead you straight to your company goals. 


How can you tell which path is best? UserUP helps you choose solutions that have the best impact on your users, meet your product goals and stay within your development budget.

Proof of concept

Before investing in a new solution, conducting initial tests with your users, ensure your concept is strong enough to bring to later development stages. This testing phase helps to identify the most efficient solutions to bring forward for development and launch.