Creating a Research Request

  1. Go to the „Requests“ tab in the heading.
  2. Click on the „New research request“ button.
  3. Fill in the name of the Request.
  4. We recommend also filling in the description of the Research.
  5. You can then assign the specific Space that the Research pertains to.
  6. Assign the given Product Outcome, Opportunity, or Solution.
  7. Select the date when the Research should be done.
  8. Assign the given Research Request to the researcher.
  9. By clicking „Add“, the Request will be added to the list.
  10. In the Request details, you can click on the „Change to current“ button on the top right-hand side to change the Research’s Request later on.

By scheduling the Research, the researchers will know that you want them to create a Research, and thanks to the description, they will know what the Research is about. This will enable them to incorporate your Research into their calendar and expect to work on it.

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