Planning Research

With userUP you can easily manage your research - request a new one and get an overview on the ones in the conducting phase. Be in sync with your researcher and find out what is the next topic for you to explore.

Planning Research - With UserUp, you can easily link your product team to your researchers to always be on the same page. We offer our clients a dedicated section to align researchers with their product counterparts.

Why you need it

UserUP provides your researchers with a unique page in our system to keep track of their work. Other members of your team can effortlessly contact your researchers on this page with research requests, comments, or questions. 

The benefits we offer

By strengthening the contact between your team and your researchers, UserUP ensures that you can always have access to relevant user information to base product decisions on.

UserUp provides you with these types of research

Risks without it

Many product teams do not have a strong connection with their researchers. This can lead to misunderstandings between what your team's needs and which research to conduct and can cause delays in your projects.

UserUP helps with every step

Set a research goal

Your research goal will always be visible on the main research page. Thus it will be your main focus.

Set a deadline

Setting the date of your research is a key parameter in the process of designing a product.

Connect with a project

UserUP helps you connect your research to different projects. You and your team will see the bigger picture.

Recruit respondents

You can add specific criteria such as age or technical skills to your research page. 

Write a scenario

UserUP allows you to write specific questions and connect them with your assumptions.

Add a prototype

You can add your URL prototype to your research page. It will also be directly connected to your scenario.

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