Adding an Interview Scenario to a Research

  1. Select the „Scenario“ tab in the given Research.
  2. Click the „Add a question“ button.
  3. Type the question formulation in the text input field, and then click the „Add“ button.
  4. If necessary, you can edit the question later by clicking the pencil icon, or even erase it by selecting the adjacent bin icon.

A Scenario can be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.

  • Structured Scenario: This type of Scenario contains precisely formulated questions and the order that should be followed during the interview.
  • Semi-structured Scenario: When preparing this type of Scenario, prepare a range of questions that you can skip during the interview depending on what the respondent is currently talking about.
  • Unstructured Scenario: This type of Scenario does not contain fixed questions in any order. The goal is to learn which topics the respondents what to talk about and how far the problems stretch in the examined topic.

No matter which type of Scenario you choose, you can create it in the userUP app, which allows you to add and edit questions as needed.

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