Structuring Discovery Backlog

With our function discovery backlog and framework opportunity solution tree, you can efficiently evaluate, prioritize and implement potential product features to address user needs and desires for successful product development.

Structuring Discovery Backlog - Our service is designed to present you with the simplest way to structure your product design process by organizing around your identified opportunities and solutions. Utilizing our system will ultimately give you better, more relevant end-products for your market.

Why you need it

Our layered discovery management system gives you the tools to keep track of your product backlog and properly decide how your product opportunities and solutions can bring you closer to reaching your company goals.

The benefits we offer

UserUP helps you not to lose track of the motivation and justification of why each solution is worth the investment of your company's time, money, and resources. Our system easily adapts to your needs and unique situation, gives your team great resources to clearly structure their ideas on how to meet your users’ needs. We bring each members of the product team together to identify which solutions are the most beneficial for the product.

Risks without it

Without properly managing your design process, your team may run into communication issues, and solutions you decide to invest in may only benefit a handful of users or end up going significantly over budget. Overall, you run the risk that the products you make may fail to address your users’ needs and miss the mark on your company goals.

UserUP helps with every step

Connect insights with opportunities

Connect insights from your users with opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

Structure your opportunities

Create a structure in your opportunities. You will get a perspective on what the next steps are.

Choose the right opportunity

Choose the opportunity that has the biggest potential to help you achieve your business goals.

Keep opportunities under control

Try to keep your opportunities in order. Archive the ones you don’t want to work on and focus on the right ones.

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