Creating an Opportunity

  1. You can create an Opportunity in a Research from the Link to Space tab, or in a specific Space.
  2. Click on your Product Outcome on the left part of the screen.
  3. Click the „add below“ button next to the Product Outcome to open the „Add Opportunity“ option.
  4. Enter the name and description (if necessary) of the Opportunity.
  5. When you create an Opportunity from hypotheses, it’s best to mark it as unopened by ticking off the box with the text that reads „This opportunity will need to be verified. It is important to ensure that it is indeed based on real user needs“.
  6. If you want to add another Opportunity, click the „Add Opportunity“ button in the Solution column.
  7. If the Opportunity is too broad, follow the same steps to create a Sub-Opportunity.

An Opportunity can be a user’s needs, worries, or desires. Use Opportunities to create an Opportunity Solution Tree, and then select the Opportunity that best supports your Product Outcome at the given moment and also resolves the customer’s most important needs. When adding Opportunities to a Tree, it’s important to allow for the following requirements:

You can come to your own assumptions or hypotheses that aren’t open and you aren’t sure whether the users actually have this problem. In such cases, these are marked as unopened.

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