Linking a Research in a Space

To create a Discovery Backlog with an Opportunity Solution Tree from a research, you’ll need to link the Research to a Space.

  1. If you made a Research without creating a link to your Space, then open your Research.
  2. Under the Overview tab, click on the text that says „without selected Space.“
  3. A menu will open where you can select the Space that you want to link to your Research account.
  4. Once they’re linked, you can start creating an Opportunity Solution Tree from your created Insights.
  5. Do the following to link Insights with Opportunities

    • Mark the desired Insight in the panel on the right and assign it to an Opportunity, or create a new Opportunity from one of your Highlights.
    • Or you can use the drag&drop function (i. e., click and hold an Insight, then drag it to where you need it)

By linking Opportunities in an Opportunity Solution Tree, you can easily revisit Insights, Highlights, or even go straight to a Transcript of what the people are saying. In this way, you maintain an overview of all relevant information and can easily return to the original sources for a more detailed analysis.

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