Creating Insights in a Research

  1. Open the created research in Research, and go to the „Analysis“ tab.
  2. On the right-hand side, you’ll see all of the named Highlights.
  3. Click the „Add an Insight“ button on the top right-hand side, and create a new Insight.
  4. Name the new Insight and drop it anywhere on the desktop.
  5. You can expand the desktop to Full Screen by clicking the icon on the right-hand side, next to the „Add an Insight“ button.
  6. Then select the Highlight that belongs in this new Insight, and drop it in.
  7. Another way to create an Insight is to drop one of the Highlights onto a second Highlight on the desktop. Both Highlights will merge together and create a new Insight.
  8. The third way to create an Insight is by using the „Create Insight“ button, which appears when you hover the cursor over a Highlight on the desktop.
  9. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you’ve created all the desired Insights.
  10. If you’d like to move a Highlight into another Insight, simply drop it on the desired Insight.
  11. If you want to edit the name of an Insight, click the pencil icon and apply any changes.

An Insight is the naming and association of the same problems repeated by respondents during the Research in the form of Highlights. These Insights are predominately received from In-depth Interviews, and the Opportunities we create are then based on them. If an Opportunity is too broad, we can split it up into smaller pieces, i. e., Sub-Opportunities.

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