How to start with UX research

UX research helps us answer three main questions:

  1. Who are our users?
  2. What are their needs, goals and pains?
  3. What do they want to achieve?

Most designers may not be the users of our product. They think differently, use different tools and usually have more technical skills. Therefore we need to talk to real users to determine wether we are creating the right product.

Conducting research during a design process can save us a lot of time and money because we will make sure to design something that our users will use intuitively in order to achieve their goals.

Steps you should go through in conducting research

1. Set a research goal - write down what you want to achieve through your research. Try to be as specific as possible. You can add a few secondary goals as well.

2. Choose a type of research - choose between qualitative and quantitative methods. Find out wether you want to get to know the problem and your users (qualitative methods), or you want to quantify the problem - how big it is and how many users deal with it (quantitative methods).

3. Choose the right kind of method - you need to take into the consideration your financial situation, how much time you can devote to your research, what is the context etc. We talk about the process of choosing the method in detail on our blog.

4. Conduct research - gather all of the data you need in order to create a great product.

5. Summary and the next steps - act accordingly to your findings. Don’t forget to share your findings with all team members from designers to developers to managers.


Find out more about UX research

There are plenty of articles about UX research on our blog. If you are interested in this topic, make sure to visit it.


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Stay informed

Before investing into a new solution, conducting initial tests with your users can ensure your concept is strong enough to bring into later development stages. This testing phase helps to identify the most efficient solutions to bring forward for development and launch.