User interviews are a direct and important way to understand what your users are looking for. With UserUP, we empower you to efficiently store and analyze interviews to better understand which path is the best way forward.

How we help you conduct an interview

Set a research goal

Write down what you want to find out in your interview. There should be one specific goal that is agreed upon all members of your team. You can add a few secondary goals as well.

Recruit respondents

Define the type of respondents you want to recruit. Try to be as specific as you can – you can include their age, technical abilities, job skills or level of education. Remember to specify a number of respondents as well.

Write a scenario

Define topics that you want to explore by setting a few questions and assumptions to each topic. The scenario should be well connected to your research goal.

Record your sessions

You can put your recordings into UserUp by adding a file and saving everything connected to your research in one place. Or just make a transcript as you go with your respondents.

Analyze your research

Find out what are the goals, needs and gains of your users. You can make insights and connect them to your opportunities. Be sure to connect insights to different projects as well.

Make an impact

Prove your points to the management by sending a research summary. Make your presentation in UserUp and you’ll be able to find it everytime you need it.

What UserUP brings to the table

We help you create great products and services by finding out who your users are and what they need. UserUP organize your research findings so you will always find all your insights easily.

How it used to be done

  • Conducting a interview is a hard work
    You don’t know where to start and what steps you should do.
  • You need to transcribe your interview sessions
    You can’t connect them to real-time audio or video.
  • You have only one research for one project
    You don’t make cross-projects insights and easily forget about them.
  • It’s hard to find the main point of your interviews
    You use different storage for planning, conducting and analyzing. Findings are not supported by verbatims from your users.
  • Your storage is complex and not easy to navigate in
    If you want to find a specific quote or finding, you need to go research by research.

How we do it

  • Interview with UserUP is intuitive
    We guide you through the whole process from specifying a goal through research to summary.
  • You need to transcribe your interview sessions
    You can’t connect them to real-time audio or video.
  • All of your insights are connected
    You can connect insights from one research to many projects – this way you are able to see the bigger picture.
  • We help you find out the most important parts of your interview
    You can use them in your summary and push the data-based approach to your colleagues.
  • You can find anything anytime
    It doesn’t matter if the interview was made yesterday or few months ago. Just type in the name, theme or key words.