Lucia Marcinková

UX Researcher

Lucia conducts user research for better understanding of users' needs and pains.

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31. 5. 2023

Discovery backlog

From explaining the Opportunity Solution Tree method to choosing the right opportunity, we will now…

How to execute the selected opportunity

2. 5. 2023

Discovery backlog

An opportunity is an action or activity that, from the customer's point of view, can help improve…

How to choose the right opportunity

14. 3. 2023

Discovery backlog

What is an Opportunity Solution Tree?This method helps visualize the intersection between business…

How to Build an Opportunity Solution Tree

11. 3. 2022

Finding opportunities

An in-depth interview is a qualitative research method. The researcher has a scenario with topics…

Amount of Respondents Needed for an In-depth…

30. 11. 2021

Finding opportunities

An in-depth interview is primarily used for a more detailed examination of a research problem…

How to conduct an in-depth interview

18. 11. 2021

Finding opportunities

Recruitment of respondents can be one of the most complex parts of research, especially with…

How to get respondents for UX research and what…