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Save up to 50% of development costs with the product discovery

  • How to stop wasting money on useless features
  • Find out what you need to create for your users to succeed.
  • How do you know if your idea has a real chance of success with your customers?
  • How to measure what features help your product succeed
  • How to organize your Product Discovery Backlog

The webinar is the best for

  • UX and product designers
  • Product owners & managers
  • Head of design

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Learn more about the product discovery process

Set a path to your goal

Whenever you set out on a new journey, it's critical to know where you're heading. We assist you in setting up product goals from the start to find the best path forward for your team and your company.


Once you've started pioneering your product path, a great place to start is incorporating your users' needs and wants into the equation.

New opportunities

Nothing exists in a vacuum. We help you connect research insights to your goals and find new opportunities for future products and features that might not be immediately visible.

New solutions

Each bend in the path that represents many potential product opportunities and solutions. Brainstorming solutions and deciding with your team which path is best for your product journey will lead you straight to your company goals. 


How can you tell which path is best? UserUP helps you choose solutions that have the best impact on your users, meet your product goals and stay within your development budget.

Proof of concept

Before investing in a new solution, conducting initial tests with your users, ensure your concept is strong enough to bring to later development stages. This testing phase helps to identify the most efficient solutions to bring forward for development and launch.